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Exploring the Great Outdoors of Hilton Head Island

Thinking about heading to the great outdoors of Hilton Head Island? South Carolina’s best outdoor experiences are located right on Hilton Head. Staying inside is simply out of the question. There are endless opportunities available on the island from kayaking to hiking and bird watching to looking for the endangered Loggerhead Sea Turtles. Hilton Head has […]

Magnificant Mountain Views for Photographers in Gatlinburg, TN

The Smoky Mountains provide amazing views no matter where you stand. For photographers, though, it’s important to get the right shot of the Smokies. There are a variety of places to take these photos, but if you’re looking for some magnificant photographs of the mountains, consider one of these: Clingmans Dome Clingmans Dome is the […]

The Best Nature Spots on the Mendocino Coast

The Mendocino Coast of California is beautiful and unlike any other. The beautifully clear, turquoise oceans are a sight to see and the the nearby foilage is bursting with fresh color from the flowers. The region is full of natural sights and attractions that also fit into this category. It’s perfect for anyone who loves the […]

How You Can Help Clean the Beaches

Every year, beach-goers flock to the shores and coastlines to enjoy the sun, the sand, and the salty water. It’s one of the many great vacation spots to spend time with family and friends, but this much foot traffic also leads to trash and pollution on our beaches and in our oceans. Needless to say, […]

Why You Should Take an Eco Tour this Summer

One in four mammals is at risk of extinction. That statistic is according to WebEcoist. This staggering fact, and many others, are changing the way people choose to travel. Every summer, tourists travel to various parts of the country, or even the world, to explore and learn new things they didn’t know existed. There are […]

Natural, Eco-Friendly Floor Cleaners Trump Commercial Cleaners

Pools of sunlight surrounding children playing on a clean floor is a homey scene, almost iconic. Once it’s accomplished, many don’t think beyond what their eyes tell them, that this scene is part of a healthful environment.

The Benefits of Used Office Furniture

When starting a new business, or revamping an existing one, an often daunting task can be setting up your office space. It can be an expensive job creating a work environment that makes employees and clients feel comfortable, from desks to comfy chairs to computers and telephones. Using recycled or used furniture has become an […]

Eco-Friendly Tree House

Today, green energy has become something of a global phenomenon. Green energy, organic, go green and a whole modern dictionary of similar terms are all over major media and the Internet. It seems that more and more people are jumping on the “go green bandwagon.” Many people and organizations are going green by creating sustainable […]

Seasonal Menus Save the Environment

You might have been hearing about restaurants serving ‘seasonal menus’ more frequently these days. Seasonal menus are actually getting very common and have successfully attracted environmentally-conscious diners like me.

Going Green in the Restaurant Business

No, this article is not about vegetables. Being eco-friendly sounds like a big hurdle for restaurant owners, especially when it’s about offering the best services to spoil customers. There are plenty of ways you can reduce your restaurant’s carbon footprint if you follow the following tips. And remember—it’s good for the business too! 1. Recycle […]

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