Magnificant Mountain Views for Photographers in Gatlinburg, TN

The Smoky Mountains provide amazing views no matter where you stand. For photographers, though, it’s important to get the right shot of the Smokies. There are a variety of places to take these photos, but if you’re looking for some magnificant photographs of the mountains, consider one of these: Clingmans Dome Clingmans Dome is the […]

The Best Nature Spots on the Mendocino Coast

The Mendocino Coast of California is beautiful and unlike any other. The beautifully clear, turquoise oceans are a sight to see and the the nearby foilage is bursting with fresh color from the flowers. The region is full of natural sights and attractions that also fit into this category. It’s perfect for anyone who loves the […]

Natural, Eco-Friendly Floor Cleaners Trump Commercial Cleaners

Pools of sunlight surrounding children playing on a clean floor is a homey scene, almost iconic. Once it’s accomplished, many don’t think beyond what their eyes tell them, that this scene is part of a healthful environment.

Ride a Bike and Save the World

Touring a town or state park gets more exciting when you’re on a bike. Imagine exploring the Hocking Hills on your two-wheeler. Besides the exhilarating fun biking gives, this popular body-and-joint exercise is known to be good for burning calories—and protecting Mother Nature, too! Read the list of reasons below why riding a bike makes […]