Exploring the Great Outdoors of Hilton Head Island

By bsozak | February 4, 2016

watersports-water-activities-hilton-head-island-666x643Thinking about heading to the great outdoors of Hilton Head Island? South Carolina’s best outdoor experiences are located right on Hilton Head. Staying inside is simply out of the question. There are endless opportunities available on the island from kayaking to hiking and bird watching to looking for the endangered Loggerhead Sea Turtles.

Hilton Head has many waterways, inlets and rivers, making it a fisherman’s dream and a sailor’s paradise. Personal canoe and kayak rentals are available for those who wish to venture out on their own, exploring the misty creeks and marshes along Calibogue Sound. If you’re not comfortable with kayaking, Outside Hilton Head offers classes for beginning kayakers taught by an expert staff of ACA Certified Instructors. Or, take a guided tour or overnight tour to the surrounding islands. Kayaking and canoeing can be peaceful, but you might also discover a bottle nose dolphin while out exploring.

The island is home to deer, bobcats, otters, minks, and even some wild boar. As mentioned, while out exploring the ocean, bottle nose dolphins might spring out of the water and put on a show for you. If you’re really quiet, you might get to meet one up close. Of all the island natives, however, the bobcat is the most volatile animal. You might catch one around a nature preserve and the least developed areas of the island, but don’t expect to see them roaming in the open. If you truly want to see animals on Hilton Head Island, you might consider a horseback tour or visiting the petting zoo to meet them personally.

Walkers and hikers are encouraged to take advantage of the nature preserves around the island. Here is where you can explore the wildlife side of Hilton Head. The Newhall Audubon Nature Preserve encompasses beautiful plantlife on the island while the Pinckney Island Preserve showcases an abundance of animal and plantlife. It was once a lookout for early settlers.

Lastly, if you consider yourself a thrill seeker, you might enjoy a couple of adventurous outdoor activities on Hilton Head. ZipLine Hilton Head is located at Broad Creek Marina Adventures which features two-hour tours as you glide over towering oaks and take in the magnificant views of Broad Creek. Aerial Adventure Hilton Head is a sky plaground with 50 tree challenges, and six ability courses. The self guded tour will take your breath away.

About the Author: Jan is a guest contributor from Beachside Getaway, which provides vacation rentals on Hilton Head Island.

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