NEB products have demonstrated improvements in quality and quantity for more than ten years on various soils, conditions and locations.  Typical yield increases range from 10% to 15%.  Increased yield has been proven on many crops including wheat, potatoes, sunflowers, sugar beets, vegetables and melons.

Superior quality has been noted in alfalfa, barley, potatoes and wheat.  Attributes benefited include protein, growth characteristics and increased resistance to disease.NEB products function by positively influencing microbial and mycorrhizae populations which increases the availability of nutrients and moisture.  The effect directly influences plant vigor and growth.

NEB-26 is a general purpose liquid.  NEB-29 is a liquid seed treatment for barley, oats, rice and wheat.  NEB-33 is a slow release granule useful for a variety of crops including alfalfa, corn and vegetables.

It is my sincere desire that this web site will assist you in marketing NEB products along with developing a long and prosperous relationship.In reviewing this information, please note that NEB has been used in several countries on a variety of crops with beneficial results.  This speaks well of NEB products and of their consistent performance.  Most importantly, NEB products are easy to use and profitable!