Why You Should Take an Eco Tour this Summer

By bsozak | June 8, 2015

One in four mammals is at risk of extinction. That statistic is according to WebEcoist. This staggering fact, and many others, are changing the way people choose to travel.

Every summer, tourists travel to various parts of the country, or even the world, to explore and learn new things they didn’t know existed. There are many ways to tour the world, and one that is growing in popularity actually supports the environment. Yes, that’s right—it’s called ecotourism.

What is ecotourism?Ecotourists and Mt McKinley
It is a form of tourism that involves visiting relatively untouched natural areas, but with very minimal impact, such as traveling at a small scale. The purpose is to educate the traveler with ecological conservation methods and to create respect for different cultures and human rights.

The best ecotourism programs minimize negative aspects of normal tourism on the environment. Not to be confused with sustainable tourism, ecotourism attempts to minimize conventional tourism impact and involves the travel to more remote destinations.

Why ecotourism over conventional tourism?
Conventional tourism involves increased air, road, or rail traffic, which all increase greenhouse gas emissions and other negative effects on the environment. While these methods of transportations are almost unavoidable when traveling, ecotourism promotes the travel to more remote destinations on less of a scale and also educates environmental awareness. All in all, it promotes responsible travel and attempts to conserve the environment.

How do I find an ecotourism program?
Ecotourism programs exist all through the United States, and throughout the world. In many parts of the world where there are mountains and forests and natural wildlife, you may tend to see more ecotourism.

In Port Angeles, WA, ExperienceOlympic Tour takes tourists on an excursion through Olympic National Park. Like most eco tours, ExperienceOlympic Tour includes guided tours to teach travelers more about the environment. From hiking to tide-pooling to snowshoeing and birding, ExperienceOlympic has many adventures for tourists to choose from.

About the Author: Jill is a guest contributor from George Washington Inn, a bed & breakfast in Porta Angeles, WA, providing guaranteed comfort and relaxation to its guests.

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