Eco-Friendly Tree House

By bsozak | February 24, 2015

Today, green energy has become something of a global phenomenon. Green energy, oTree Houserganic, go green and a whole modern dictionary of similar terms are all over major media and the Internet. It seems that more and more people are jumping on the “go green bandwagon.” Many people and organizations are going green by creating sustainable buildings and homes. Get ready to bring out your inner kid because trending today is the nostalgic tree house.

Whether you want a vacation or a retreat, a place for peaceful reading and relaxing, or even a permanent home, building in trees might be a solution. A tree house can be anywhere from a simple deck with a rope and a ladder, or an extravagant three-story structure with bedrooms, bathrooms, and kitchens. New projects are being started across the country to create homes in the trees that are completely sustainable. All these homes are built with renewable energy and use solar panels, wind turbines, and eco-friendly material. Some of the homes that are being built produce more energy than they consume. You can see pictures of these new homes here.

Hotels, Lodges, and Bed & Breakfasts are a huge industry. More of them are striving to become energy efficient and eco-friendly. The Cavallo Point in San Francisco is LEED Gold certified. It’s re-use of old buildings and renovations with environmentally friendly materials are seamless and impressive. Cavallo Point has also implemented a recycling system for its guests so that recycling is both helpful, and easy. The Inn at Cedar Falls in Logan, Ohio has green certified lodging: Hocking Hills Cabins. They’re eco-friendly, include business venues, and even have a green policy. They’re designed to connect you with nature. Any eco-friendly traveler should check to see if their venue offers eco-friendly policies.


To learn how to start building your own sustainable tree house, check out this website for tips. And for more ideas that will help spark your design, check out these ambitious people.

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