Visit These Farms Near Fort Lauderdale, FL

When you’re taking a trip to sunny Fort Lauderdale, FL, it may not cross your mind to visit local farms. If you have access to a kitchen on vacation, especially if you’re staying in a vacation rental with Fort Lauderdale Stays, cooking with local food will give you a taste of the local flavor without […]

Incorporate Farmer’s Market Products in Your Wedding

One of the best things about purchasing from a farmer’s market is the fresh products including locally grown produce, flowers, and even candles. Another good thing about purchasing produce from farmer’s markets is that you are supporting the farmers in your community. A new wedding trend is to incorporate farmer’s market products in some way. […]

5 Farmers Markets Near Westby, Wisconsin

There is nothing worse then standing in a long line at the grocery store at the same time as everyone else in your city. Alternatively, some people buy their produce and other goodies somewhere else: the farmers market. There are plenty of benefits from purchasing produce from local farmers at their markets. Purchasing locally made […]

Why Buy from a Farmer’s Market

Local produce markets have been around for centuries. Though we might buy our groceries typically from a local grocery store due to the demand of product, it’s healthy to visit your town’s local farmer’s marekt from time to time. Farmer’s markets pride themselves in locally-grown produce and other products¬†to¬†enrich communities. They sell everything from corn, […]