Guest Blog Opportunity

You might not need to know about barley and beans to put an article together that we would find interesting. We’re looking for talented guest bloggers who can put something great together that they’d like to share with the world! It could be about clothing, farming, manufacturing, economy, you name it! As long as it’s neatly put together and interesting and fun to read we’re interested! So read through a few of our guidelines and then submit your article below.

  • Links to appropriate and relevant websites are great, but try and keep it reasonable, and no more than one link per website.
  • We’re looking for articles with at least 400 words, and have an image we can include with the article. Have to keep the site pretty after all. 🙂
  • Nothing that has been featured elsewhere, or has been written by anyone else.
  • We reserve the right to edit the article for grammar and applicability for our own website.

Thanks for considering writing for us, we hope you have a great day!


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