What is NEB?
NEB is an organic product with mineral and other components.  NEB is a natural origin product, in liquid and dry forms, that are non-toxic and non hazardous.

How does NEB work? 
·  NEB influences microbial populations which makes nutrients more available.
·  NEB influences mycorrhizae.  Mycorrhizae collect, store and deliver nutrients.
·  Summary, superior microbe populations increase nutrient availability and        mycorrhizae supply those nutrients directly to the plant.

Is NEB a fertilizer? 
NEB products contain a small amount of nutrients but NEB is an additive that allows more of the nutrients supplied by fertilizer to be utilized which results in superior yields.

Why should NEB be used? 
NEB increases yields at an economic cost which results in greater profits.

How profitable is NEB? 
Used by growers over a nine year period in the USA, NEB produced current net returns of $67.21 per hectare on wheat and $51.32 per hectare on corn.  Your growing conditions may influence your net return.

Have independent studies been conducted on NEB? 
NEB has been tested on several crops and on a variety of soils.  NEB has been proven beneficial by the following institutions:
Montana State University
Iowa State University
North Dakota State University
Agraserv, Inc.
Western Farm Service
Western Plant Breeders
Henan Agricultural Academy, China
Miller Technical Services
Research Institute of Soil Science and Agrochemistry, Romania
Southwest Development Authority (SOWEDA) Republic of Cameroon, Africa

Which Crops will benefit from NEB?
All soils support micro-organism and mycorrhizae populations.  Crops grown on clay soils that are low in organic matter produce the greatest response. Barley, berries, citrus, dry beans, maize, melons, potatoes, rice, soybeans, sugar cane, tree fruit, vegetables and wheat benefit from NEB products.

Which NEB product is recommended? 
NEB-29 is recommended for wheat, barley, oats and rice.  NEB-26 is recommended for most crops except soybeans and sugar cane.  NEB-33 is generally recommended except for wheat, barley, oats and rice.

Where have NEB products been proven to be effective? 
Australia, Brazil, Cameroon, Canada, China, Guatemala, India, Mexico, Romania and USA.

What equipment does NEB use for their workwear? 
NEB uses Bulwark FR Apparel when necessary.  Most of our clothing consists of Red Kap Work Clothing, though.