The Benefits of Used Office Furniture

By bsozak | March 18, 2015

When starting a new business, or revamping an existing one, an often daunting task can be setting up your office space. It can be an expensive job creating a work environment that makes employees and clients feel comfortable, from desks to comfy chairs to computers and telephones. Using recycled or used furniture has become an increasingly popular idea these days that seems to be beneficial for companies and the environment alike. Saving you money, while also being eco-friendly, recycled furniture is the way to go.

Recycled furniture can save you hundreds of dollars and make furnishing your office space a more manageable task. Surplus stores carry a large collection of donated, gently used office furniture sets at half the price of brand new furniture. Office furniture doesn’t sustain the same wear and tear of home furniture, so it often looks new. You can make your office feel expensive without it actually being expensive.

Used furniture is also beneficial for both sellers and buyers. The reprocessing takes much less time and money than making a whole new piece of furniture, meaning that these refurbished used pieces can be sold at a cheaper price. The seller has to expend much less energy while the buyer gets a quality piece for a fraction of the price.

Using recycled furniture also benefits the environment and is an eco-friendly option. Reusing furniture helps to decrease environmental destruction and the use of raw materials, as it lowers the demand for new furniture to be produced. Deforestation is a pressing issue and is very harmful to the environment, but is one issue that benefits from recycled furniture. A lessened demand for new furniture means a decreasing need to cut down forests.

Refurbished furniture can also be fun, as you can find pieces and refurbish them to create a certain look you had in mind. Rather than searching stores for the perfect look, you can make your own by taking old furniture and making it look new. Painting pieces or creating new covers with vibrant fabrics can take a shabby piece of furniture and make it look unique and exciting. Create a funky vibe in your office with mismatched, colorful chairs and desks or make a monochromatic theme with all complementing hues of one color. When refurbishing, you can create any office that you can think of.

When considering where to buy your office furniture, check first for recycled and used furniture to save you money, the environment resources, and to make a big job easier.

About the Author: Penny is a guest contributor from Corporate Office Interiors, offering high quality furniture solutions.


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