The Dumbest Car Accessories In The World

Driving down the road is a great way to see just how dumb car owners can be with their money. From the painfully cheesy to the just plain dumb, car owners often wear these wastes of money on their sleeves (or bumpers). Here’s our list of the worst offenders on the road. Photo Credit:¬†whizchickenonabun 1. […]

Why do people in jeeps wave at each other?

Attendant drivers likely notice that drivers of Jeep Wranglers tend to wave at each other when they pass. Not unlike motorcycle riders, Jeep Wrangler owners like to give a nod of respect to each other, but why? The history of the wave The actual facts behind the Jeep wave are muddy at best, but the […]

Boat Cleaning Supplies for the Environment

We all like keeping our boats nice and pretty throughout the year, but it’s hard to find a product that is good for your boat but also good for the water. Just remember, if you have no clean water to take your boat out in, your boat is nothing more than an ugly car with […]