5 Amazing Things You Can Make with Lavender

The vibrant purple flower that grows in enormous fields has a lot more use than a nice view. Lavender has been used for all types of products ranging from health to food. In the past, it has been used to produce medicines, as well. People have used lavender for beauty products, such as perfume and lotions […]

Aeroponics – Technology of the Future for Home Gardeners

Aeroponics is a technology where the plants are grown in an environment with moist air without the use of soil. The aeroponics system is a closed system with holes provided at the top to insert the vegetative plants into. The seeds can be planted on a wired mesh placed on top of the holes. The […]

Why Every Garden Should Have A Greenhouse

A greenhouse also known as a glasshouse is a structure which can be installed in a garden to accentuate the healthy growth of plants. These constructions vary in dimension from tiny sheds to huge edifices. A minuscule glasshouse is also commonly called a cold frame. Advantages The advantages of having a greenhouse in your garden […]

How to Make Gutter Gardens

If you’ve always wanted to make the most of a small space while adding some greenery to your life, gutter gardens may be just the right addition to your home. Gutter gardens can be added to almost any wall, fence, or flat surface outdoors. To make your own gutter garden, follow these ten simple steps! […]

Fallen Leaves: Chores Become a Gift

Every year, as trees begin to make their spectacular transformation in the autumn with their mixed patterns of delightful shades of orange, red and yellow, we marvel at their beauty. Once they fall to the ground, however, our feelings towards the leaves change- for the worst. This is mostly true for people who have backyards […]

What Are Those Mycorrhiza, Anyway?

What is Mycorrhiza? It’s no slang term or random, ridiculous made up word. It’s actually a scientific term which defines the relationship between a fungus and the roots of a plant.  This relationship is referred to as symbiotic, meaning that it involves a long-term, close interaction between dissimilar species in biology. In fact, this bizarre […]