5 Farmers Markets Near Westby, Wisconsin

By bsozak | May 12, 2016

Organic Vegetables from the Farmers Market-Photographed on Hasselblad H3D-39mb Camera ORG XMIT: VJ2OMNJ

There is nothing worse then standing in a long line at the grocery store at the same time as everyone else in your city. Alternatively, some people buy their produce and other goodies somewhere else: the farmers market. There are plenty of benefits from purchasing produce from local farmers at their markets. Purchasing locally made food is not only cheaper, fresher, safer, and healthier than the produce from the grocery store, but buying locally also helps the environment more than buying produce that is shipped to the grocery store. Wisconsin has a good selection of farmers markets in many different areas. Whether you are a local to Wisconsin or you are just visiting Wisconsin, here are five farmers markets to check out.

Viroqua Public Market

  • From May to August, there is a farmers market held at Viroqua Public Market. The hours for this farmers market are Saturday mornings until noon. During the winter months, they hold the farmers market indoors. During the summer months, they have the farmers markets located outside. They sell all organic produce and Amish crafts such as rugs. You can find out what produce will be available at your next visit here.

Hillsboro Farmers’ Market

  • Located in Hillsboro, Wisconsin, which is about 45 minutes away from Westby, Wisconsin, is the Hillsboro Farmer’s Market. From June to October, the Hillsboro farmer’s market is open on Saturdays from 8am-1pm. It is free to enter into the farmer’s market, and they offer similar products as the Viroqua farmer’s market such as Amish crafts. They also have baked goods, locally made maple syrup, and plants for gardens.

Richland Area Farmers Market

  • About 50 minutes away from Westby, Wisconsin, is the Richland Area Farmers Market. They are open every Saturday from May through October.  This season, they began selling produce on May 7th, and are open from 7:30am-noon. This farmers market specializes in various organic vegetables and fruits. Another neat thing that they sell is bee pollen and beeswax candles. Not all of their produce is available every day that they are open, so ask a farmer what is in season during your next visit.

Farmers Market 2 Picture

West Salem Farmers Market

  • About 38 minutes away from Westby, Wisconsin, is West Salem farmers market. They have a selection of crafts, local specialties, and organic vegetables and fruits. They run every Wednesday starting the first Wednesday of June, through the second Wednesday of October.

Sparta Wisconsin Farmers Market

  • One good thing about farmers markets is that almost everything comes from the TLC of locals in the area. At Sparta Wisconsin Farmers Market, they are proud to locally sell organic fruits and vegetables, honey, syrup, crafts, and other produce. All of their produce is fresh and locally grown. The crafts that they sell are made by artists in the local area as well.

This guest post is contributed from an inn and restaurant located in Westby, Wisconsin, called the Westby Inn House.

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