Visit These Farms Near Fort Lauderdale, FL

By bsozak | October 30, 2017

When you’re taking a trip to sunny Fort Lauderdale, FL, it may not cross your mind to visit local farms. If you have access to a kitchen on vacation, especially if you’re staying in a vacation rental with Fort Lauderdale Stays, cooking with local food will give you a taste of the local flavor without spending a lot on a restaurant meal. Here are some of the best farms to visit during your next trip to Fort Lauderdale.

Marando Farms & Ranch

This farm is a local spot for fun activities and buying local food. Marando Farms & Ranch takes in rescued animals that you can interact with in the petting zoo. The rescue horses are also available for pony rides and hayrides in the fall. Be sure to visit during the fall for the farm’s haunted hayrides and pumpkin picking. They also offer free yoga every other Sunday and healthy foods made from food produced at the farm at the cafe. Visit the farmer’s market for fresh eggs, milk, and vegetables.

Criswell Farm & Market

This farm and market is located right in downtown Fort Lauderdale off Las Olas Boulevard. It’s the perfect farmer’s market to pick up some fresh food on the way back to your accommodations from your day out on the town. You can pick your own vegetables and the employees are knowledgeable in how to use their fruits and vegetables in recipes.

Harpke Family Farm

The Harpke Family Farm was once a backyard hobby and now distributes to several Fort Lauderdale restaurants and locals. The farm is both sustainable and organic without the use of synthetic pesticides and fertilizers. They also offer Microgreen Only CSA shares of their lettuce and salad greens to grow at home. The farm focuses on fresh herbs, greens, vegetables and edible flowers.

Sun Fresh Farm and Ranch

Sun Fresh is an urban farm in Fort Lauderdale that focuses on clean, fresh and authentic food that is hand planted. The farm distributes their food to local chefs, some of which say they have the freshest eggs in the area. You can visit the farm if you call ahead and you can even volunteer to learn more about sustainable farming. Visit the Yellow Green Farmers Market and Pinecrest Farmers Market to get a taste of Sun Fresh’s salad greens, tomatoes, eggs, and peppers.

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