Incorporate Farmer’s Market Products in Your Wedding

By bsozak | May 26, 2016

Farmers Market Wedding Picture

One of the best things about purchasing from a farmer’s market is the fresh products including locally grown produce, flowers, and even candles. Another good thing about purchasing produce from farmer’s markets is that you are supporting the farmers in your community. A new wedding trend is to incorporate farmer’s market products in some way. With the right kind of artistic touch, it could make your wedding look more appealing to the eye. If you are interested in incorporating farmer’s market products in your wedding in some way, check out these ideas on how to do so.


If you are a bride who is passionate about farmer’s markets, it would be a cool idea to incorporate a fruit or vegetable into your bouquet of flowers that could also be purchased from a farmer’s market. Some brides even skip the flowers and only have fruits or vegetables in their bouquets. An example of how do make this yourself can be seen here.


Incorporating farmer’s market products into your table centerpieces is one of the best ways to include farmer’s market products in your wedding. An idea of how to do this would be to decorate the tables with fruit and vegetables as the centerpieces. Or, you could use potted herbs as centerpieces. If you would like to have candles on your wedding tables, check with your local farmer’s market to see if they sell any beeswax candles. This is another way to bring the farmer’s market to your wedding, even if you do not wish to use fruits of vegetables as centerpieces.



The time in between the ceremony but before the dinner is the cocktail hour. Snacks are usually served during this time while the wedding party takes pictures. It would be a cool idea to serve fruits and vegetables from the farmer’s market as snacks for the cocktail hour. Another way for your guests to get a chance to eat delicious and locally grown food is to put it on the menu. Serve dishes for dinner that have foods that can be easily substituted with farmer’s market produce.


Wedding Favors

Wedding favors are a nice way to thank the guests for coming to the wedding. A nice way to thank them would be to include fresh produce as gifts to your guests. Who doesn’t want to be gifted with fresh fruit and veggies? A cool way to carry this out would be to gift each guest with a tote bag to fill up with goodies. Display the fresh produce on a fruit stand for your guests to pick from.

Not only will you be helping the environment and your community by purchasing from your local farmer’s markets, but you will also inspire your guests to purchase locally too. Start a new trend and incorporate farmer’s market products in your wedding.


About the Author: Alaina is a guest contributor from Silver Birches, a beautiful resort that hosts weddings located in Hawley, Pennsylvania.

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