Why Buy from a Farmer’s Market

By bsozak | September 15, 2015

farmers-market-local-produce-520Local produce markets have been around for centuries. Though we might buy our groceries typically from a local grocery store due to the demand of product, it’s healthy to visit your town’s local farmer’s marekt from time to time. Farmer’s markets pride themselves in locally-grown produce and other products¬†to¬†enrich communities. They sell everything from corn, tomoatoes, pickles, cucumbers to cut flowers, crafts, and more. Farmer’s markets have grown immensely in the last decade, typically setting up shop once or twice a week during the spring and summer months. Some markets stay open well into the fall, too.

Visiting your local farmer’s market not only brings in revenue for those farms and vendors, but also provides you with healthy choices of food and product. You can’t get fresh veggies like you can at the farmer’s market. Most markets sell a variety of homemade goods that you also can’t find elsewhere. The Old Greewhich Farmers Market in Connecticut sells goat cheeses, home made jams and preserves, organic vegetables, fresh apple cider donuts and more. The list is extensive. Much of what you find at a farmer’s market are the ingredients you might find at a local restaraunt or bed and breakfast, known for their cooking.

Eating organically-grown produce is not only a healthy option for your body, but also the earth. Organic food means no synthetic pesticides or chemicals are used in growing the produce. Organic food is based off of regulations and standards made by the national governments. While there is no evidence that supports that organic food tastes better, it certainly proves that it’s better for your health and the environment.

Lastly, visiting a farmer’s market is a great activity to do on the weekend. They’re generally free unless you plan to purchase from a vendor. Sometimes, people even get involved themselves, selling their own goods, whether they be farm produce or crafts. A farmer’s market is a wonderful place to visit with the family, even to walk around and enjoy the smell of the freshly-cooked road food or the vibrant colors of freshly cut flowers.

This is a guest post from Stanton House Inn, a romantic New England bed and breakfast in Greenwich, Connecticut.

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