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How to Have a Green Wedding

Each year, millions of weddings produce a significant amount of a pollution, trash and carbon dioxide (a greenhosue gas). Weddings produce an abundance of trash from all the food and favors ending up in the garbage. If weddings have fireworks, those pretty explosions in the sky come at a cost. All those guests come at […]

Eco-Friendly Tree House

Today, green energy has become something of a global phenomenon. Green energy, organic, go green and a whole modern dictionary of similar terms are all over major media and the Internet. It seems that more and more people are jumping on the “go green bandwagon.” Many people and organizations are going green by creating sustainable […]

Seasonal Menus Save the Environment

You might have been hearing about restaurants serving ‘seasonal menus’ more frequently these days. Seasonal menus are actually getting very common and have successfully attracted environmentally-conscious diners like me.

Reduce Carbon Footprint When Traveling

Going to a land far, far away sounds like a great idea for people who crave to immerse themselves into a new culture. Learning a new language, eating local food, delving into the unknown – there are just so many exciting perks that travel brings to the table. But imagine three million passengers flying every […]

Going Green in the Restaurant Business

No, this article is not about vegetables. Being eco-friendly sounds like a big hurdle for restaurant owners, especially when it’s about offering the best services to spoil customers. There are plenty of ways you can reduce your restaurant’s carbon footprint if you follow the following tips. And remember—it’s good for the business too! 1. Recycle […]

Ride a Bike and Save the World

Touring a town or state park gets more exciting when you’re on a bike. Imagine exploring the Hocking Hills on your two-wheeler. Besides the exhilarating fun biking gives, this popular body-and-joint exercise is known to be good for burning calories—and protecting Mother Nature, too! Read the list of reasons below why riding a bike makes […]

What to Do with Old Wine Bottle Corks

You love a glass of wine every now and then. You are also a nature lover and you dutifully recycle empty wine bottles. But what to do with the corks? Normally, corks are just thrown out because without the vino, there’s no value to them. Let me change your mind and give you some ideas […]

Why Every Garden Should Have A Greenhouse

A greenhouse also known as a glasshouse is a structure which can be installed in a garden to accentuate the healthy growth of plants. These constructions vary in dimension from tiny sheds to huge edifices. A minuscule glasshouse is also commonly called a cold frame. Advantages The advantages of having a greenhouse in your garden […]

Environmental Cleanup Success Stories

When so much harm to the environment is happening all around us, it’s great to hear about environmental cleanup stories that helped improve the conditions of the environment while helping to promote economic activity in an area. I recently read through a few great success stories on the EPA website, and I thought I would […]

The Steel Industry – Making it Greener

Take a quick guess, what is the most recyclable material that is manufactured? If you read the title of the article, you’d guess steel and you would be right! Unlike other recyclable products, steel does not lose any of its quality or physical characteristics from being recycled. But why is steel so recyclable compared to […]

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