How to Have a Green Wedding

By bsozak | July 10, 2015

greenweddingEach year, millions of weddings produce a significant amount of a pollution, trash and carbon dioxide (a greenhosue gas). Weddings produce an abundance of trash from all the food and favors ending up in the garbage. If weddings have fireworks, those pretty explosions in the sky come at a cost. All those guests come at a cost, and all the paper products going into making the wedding perfect contribute to pollution and more trash in landfills. However, there are ways to plan a perfect “green” wedding that will contribute less to harming the earth.

Choosing the Venue
The venue is one of the biggest parts of planning a wedding. Ask the venue if they are willing to accomodate your ceremony and/or reception with recycling. Are they willing provide recycling for bottles and cans? Are they willing to capture and record food waste for animals or composting? Having an outdoor wedding is also a really beneficial plan–indoor venues can promote pollution and energy waste because it requires money to heat and/or cool the building, as well as electricity. Outdoor weddings can be just beautiful can peaceful as indoor weddings.

Recycled or Electronic Invitations
If you must use paper, look for recycled paper. If you must use normal paper or printing, choose instead, to create a website about your wedding with electronic invitations. Here, you can manage your guest list easily and many websites offer beautiful wedding templates where you can also customize electronic invites. Websites are also nice for guests becuase they often include directions and travel accomodations.

Floral Arrangements
Most weddings have floral arrangements, so if you must include flowers as center pieces or decorations throughout the reception and ceremony, choose flower native to the area and flowers that are in season.

About the Author: Tyler is a guest contributor for Gateways Inn & Restaurant, a bed and breakfast in Lenox, MA, offerig guaranteed comfort and wedding packages.

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