Ride a Bike and Save the World

By bsozak | August 12, 2014

Touring a town or state park gets more exciting when you’re on a bike. Imagine exploring the Hocking Hills on your two-wheeler. Besides the exhilarating fun biking gives, this popular body-and-joint exercise is known to be good for burning calories—and protecting Mother Nature, too! Read the list of reasons below why riding a bike makes you the world’s Superman.

10 reasons why riding a bike is good for the world

  1. Low household emissions. Go to work on your bike, instead of your car, and you’ll help reduce your household emissions by at least 6 percent.
  2. Zero pollution. Cars produce almost a pound of pollution per mile, while bikes make none.
  3. Low healthcare costs. Get healthier when biking, which can save you on healthcare costs. Just half an hour of biking per day can already save you $544 in a year.
  4. Uses fewer resources to build. Bikes don’t use up natural resources as much as cars, and makes less pollution in producing them. Up to 1.2 billion cubic yards of pollution is generated in building cars.
  5. Gives you energy. Exercise builds up your strength and stamina, encouraging you to be more productive. And the more active you are, the happier you become.
  6. Saves forests. Tires are made from rubber trees, and forests are being cleared in order to build rubber plantations. If you ride bikes, there won’t be too much need for tires and you’ll be saving the forests.
  7. No noise pollution. This prevents wild animals from getting alerted by unnecessary noise on the roads, which results in roadkills.
  8. Less land is needed to build parking lots. The space for one car can be filled up by 20 bikes. If more people ride bikes, more land and trees will be saved.
  9. Supports local businesses. You keep your trips shorter when riding a bike so you tend to shop at stores close to home.
  10. Safer. Each year 33,000 people die due to car accidents, compared to around 700 who are killed while riding a bike.

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