Gardening Cautions – 4 Ways To Keep Unwanted Animals Or Pests Out Of Your Garden

By Marie | March 25, 2013

Pest repellentIf you have spent time and energy nurturing your garden into a place of pride, the last thing you need is marauding creatures wreaking havoc on your vegetables. Animals such as squirrels, woodchucks, rabbits and gophers can ruin a beautiful garden in a matter of hours. Before you reach for your shotgun, there are other alternatives for dealing with these menaces. Below are tips that can help in your mission.

1. Identify the creature

The first step in pest control efforts is to identify the culprit. When you know the creature you are dealing with, you can find the most effective solution for your problem. Research all the information about the offending creature and talk to experts so you can put together an effective war plan. Sometimes the solution can be as simple as scattering used coffee beans along the perimeter.

2. Eliminate hiding areas

Making your garden less attractive to the animals will keep them away. You can do this by clearing any areas that can act as nesting or hiding places. Removing tall grass and brush piles will go a long way toward this end. Seal off any access to entry or crawl spaces under the deck or porch and cover compost piles to remove food sources for the animals.

3. Use scent repellents

There are several repellents that are quite effective at keeping away wild animals. Scent repellants like castor oil and garlic clips can be effective but they need to be reapplied regularly. You can also purchase predator urine to keep away the animals. The deer or squirrels will keep away from any area that smells like a fox is in residence. Mothballs also can act as an effective deterrent, but you should use them with care especially if you have pets or kids.

4. Use live traps

Traps come in different types and sizes and are usually made of galvanized steel. Food is used to lure the animals into the trap which then releases a spring loaded door to close them in. Catching the animals is the easy part, it is figuring out what to do with the trapped animal that poses challenges.

There are other effective pest control methods such as scare devices like motion activated water sprays and reflective tape to the use of household pets such as cats and dogs. Changing your strategies regularly will help to ensure effectiveness. A more permanent solution is erecting a fence that will keep away the animals and protect your garden.

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