Boat Cleaning Supplies for the Environment

By bsozak | March 23, 2013

IMGP4532We all like keeping our boats nice and pretty throughout the year, but it’s hard to find a product that is good for your boat but also good for the water. Just remember, if you have no clean water to take your boat out in, your boat is nothing more than an ugly car with no wheels, even if you have something as pretty as a pontoon boat from Manitou Pontoon Boats. Here are a few of our favorite boat cleaning products that you can use for your boat.

All Purpose Boat Cleaners

Meguiar is a fairly well known brand that makes a variety of boat washing products. One of their best soaps is a biodegradable boat wash, which works just as well as their other boat washes and is practically the same price as well.

Hull Cleaners

Toon-Brite makes quite a few hull cleaners for a variety of boat types. Whether your boat isĀ aluminumĀ or fiberglass, you’ll be able to find something that will keep the hull of your boat clean. If you end up taking your pontoon boat out in salty waters, it’s extremely important to wash the pontoon once it is out of the water and to use a hull cleaner as soon as you can. Aluminum does not corrode in fresh water, but it will eventually in salt water.

Waterproofing Products

Starbrite is the dominant brand when it comes to waterproofing products, and they are known to hold up to their environmental values. You can find their products in many marines as well as online.

So How do we Help the Environment?

Whenever you’re cleaning off your boat, be sure it is parked near a drain and not near the lake or body of water. If it is, all the cleaning toxins can kill off many of the plant and fish species in the water. This is particuarly important during certain times of the year, when fish eggs are spawning. Also, many of the toxins can pollute the sediment, which can harm future ecosystems of the lake. Also, be sure that the drainage systems don’t just flow into the lake. It’s best in the end to try and wash your boat in a location that’s fairly distant from the body of water.

After every time you wash your boat, always be sure that it is completely washed off before you put it back in the water. Not only is it good for the lake, but your boat isn’t meant to withstand the harsh chemicals that are found in some of your cleaning products.

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