The A Frame Ladder and Its Uses

By Marie | March 28, 2013

A Frame LadderWhen you need something placed too high for you to get to on your own, you’ll probably set up a¬†ladder to be able to reach it. A-Frame ladders are highly useful for a variety of reasons – mostly because they are stable and an easy-to-use way of accessing high and hard to reach places.

What Qualifies as an A Frame Ladder?

The A frame ladder is one that from the side looks a bit like the letter A. There are two legs that are angled upward, coming together at the top so that from the side, the legs of the ladder and the floor form a triangle. There is usually some form of support between the legs that locks so that the legs are even more stabilized. One or both of the legs of the A frame ladder have rungs on which the user can climb to get to the top.

Types of A Frame Ladders

One of the primary types of A frame ladders is the step stool. This may be just a few feet high but is a kind of A frame ladder that allows you to access higher places. There are also A frame ladders that go up as high as 21 feet tall, which enable access to super high ceilings and to complete industrial work.

Ways to Use an A Frame Ladder

A frame ladders can be used almost anywhere. They’re convenient for getting into the back of hard to reach cupboard spaces, for installing a ceiling fan, for outside work, even for putting a star on top of the Christmas tree. The taller A frame ladders can even be used in gymnasiums or large auditoriums. Basically, if you’re going to have just one ladder, you want to have an A frame ladder. Its uses are many and varied, which makes it a highly desirable resource for you and your home. Owning this type of ladder will allow you to take on most jobs with ease and safety.

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