Are You a Little Bit Country Or A Little Bit Rock ‘N Roll?

By Marie | April 1, 2013

barn weddingSerious celebrations call for serious measures. You can’t have the party of the century without special food, lots of room, the right music, the right weather if you’re outdoors, the right outfits, and the right accessories. And a truly memorable celebration or party needs to have a theme. Some occasions of course create their own themes such as weddings, holidays, graduations, bachelor parties and such. But what if you want to throw party just for the sake of having a party? You can make a serious impact on your partygoers by having the right theme.

Parties with themes

If you’re just trying to get a group of friends together to catch up on what’s been going on or reminisce about old times, make it even more fun and memorable with a theme. How about a murder mystery dinner? Everybody gets to dress up in their best Sherlock Holmes garb and old London clothing and put their heads together to solve the mystery du jour over dinner.

Make your wedding pictures uniquely special

Well, whether you’re a little bit country or a little bit rock ‘n roll, the perfect setting for your wedding photos is easy to find. Say for example the bride is just a little bit country. Couples trying to drive home the country theme might consider farm weddings. Ceremonies can take place in a barn, in a field, in front of an old farmhouse… And just imagine the shindig that would be the wedding reception. Then again if the groom is a little bit rock ‘n roll, imagine the spectacular wedding shot with the New York City lights or the Rock ‘n Roll Hall Of Fame in the background. Detroit’s Motown Museum is another possibility for a rock ‘n roll or R&B wedding.

Combining the best of both worlds

Then again a music themed wedding could take place by The Grand Ole Opry or practically anywhere in Nashville and combine the country theme right along with rock ‘n roll music. With all of the music genres available you should have no problem locating some type of landmark or museum that signifies each of them specifically. Heck you can even travel to the Caribbean and have a reggae band play for your wedding on the beach. Ooh! How about New Orleans Mardi Gras for jazz or blues? Now there’s a party!

Regardless of the music, the city or the country you probably see what’s going on here by now. And what would a wedding be without music after all? Come to think of it, what would any special event be without the proper tunes?

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