Turn Your Garden From Simple To Fabulous!

By Marie | April 8, 2013

landscapingLandscaping is a great way to add value to your property as well as make it look good and create a relaxing atmosphere. However, it is important to understand landscaping is not just about planting plants. You need to take time and inspect your yard and understand the shining patterns of the sun. This is imperative if you are going to plant certain varieties of plants or flowers. Also, remember to research current trends to prevent having an outdated look.

Prepare the Soil

In order to have beautiful plants in your yard, it is necessary to ensure the soil is prepped up. It is important to be familiar with different kinds of organic fertilizers such as steer manure or horse manure. Organic fertilizers are the best options because they do not harm the environment or pose threats to your health. Remember that fertilizer should be applied in the right measurements or quantities to ensure the condition of the soil is excellent for the growth of plants.

Add Landscaping Features

No landscaping project is complete without landscaping features such as fountains, fences, outdoor spas and outdoor furniture. Water features are a common addition in landscaping and the best thing is they can be customized to fit any size of garden. Only your creativity can limit you because landscaping features provide limitless opportunities. For instance, you can incorporate a waterfall into an existing swimming pool, especially when you want to save water. Before you select any kind of landscaping feature, it is important to consider the level of maintenance involved.

Selecting Plants

When choosing the right plants, you first should consider the climate of your region. If you are going to place the plants near the pool, then you should make sure they are suitable for the moist environment. You also should determine what purpose or function you want the plant to provide for your yard. If aesthetics are what you have in mind, then you can choose elegant green foliage or flowering plants. However, you should make sure that kind of plants you select work harmoniously to achieve the aesthetic appeal. Plants such as the ivy vine can be used to provide both privacy and beauty for any landscape. Just make sure you keep the vine in check because it could overtake the yard.

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