Top Five Forklift Brands

By bsozak | April 15, 2017

Top Five Forklift BrandsA forklift, according to, is “a small vehicle with two power-operated prongs at the front that can be slid under heavy loads and then raised for moving and stacking materials in warehouses, shipping depots, etc.”. These vehicles have a number of uses and come in multiple forms to complete different types of tasks. If you are on the market for a new or used forklift, it is important to go to a dealer that sells all or multiple of the brands below, like Daily Equipment Company, as you may need a different brand depending on what you plan to use the forklift for. Also depending on your needs, you may want to go to a dealer that offers a rental option, like Southern California Material Handling, as these are expensive pieces of equipment, and purchasing your own if not always the right option.


Aside from being one of the largest car manufacturers in the world, Toyota produces a wide array of tools and equipment. For forklifts, they rank as the largest forklift manufacturer in the world by revenue, and for good reason. According to their website, Toyota emphasizes “operator safety, comfort, productivity and efficiency” when designing their forklifts, and it shows. Due to the company’s massive size, Toyota also sets itself apart by offering one of the largest lines you can find.


Several lift truck brands, including Linde, Fenwick, Baoli, STILL, OM STILL, and Voltas make up The KION Group. This company is based in Germany and stands as a great example of exemplary German engineering. They also announced plans to acquire Dematic, an AGV manufacturer in 2016, adding more talent to their tool belt.


Another example of exceptional German engineering is the Jungheinrich Group. This brand boasts multiple award wins, and they’ve won them for good reason. Jungheinrich places quality above all else, and focuses on making the best product for their customers. They are among the top three material handling equipment companies in the world, and the highest ranked in Europe. With over sixty years of experience in the field, it’s easy to see how.


Both Hyster and Yale brands of forklifts are manufactured by the same company: Hyster-Yale Materials Handing Inc. and are thus placed together on this list. Though German-made forklifts have been thoroughly highlighted on this list, these American-made lifts represent some of the best in forklift manufacturing that the United States has to offer. The company specializes solely in forklifts, which has allowed it to focus all its efforts and assets toward improving their products. Over the years, this has led them toward the front of the pack when it comes to the best forklift manufacturers in the world. In addition to their superior products, their customer service is widely known as one of the best offered in any industry.


As the only privately-owned company on this list, Crown Equipment Corp. stands out for its efforts toward excellence and customer satisfaction. Not only are their products excellent in quality, but Crown also stands out for its innovativeness and excellence in variety as well. They offer a wider range of forklifts than most other brands do, and even produce up to 85% of their own components, ensuring each part has Crown’s stamp of quality approval.

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