How To Plan A Rustic Lodge Wedding

By bsozak | April 24, 2017

A wedding in the country is a romantic way to celebrate your special day. A country wedding means the chance to get in touch with nature and invite your guests to do the same. A rustic lodge makes the ideal place to hold a wedding. Planning is important. You’ll want to find the right lodge. Then, you’ll want to narrow down a date, determine the time of your wedding, create a menu and decide who to invite and how to decorate the lodge.

Looking For a Site

The ideal location is one that is inviting and beautiful. Consider the type of lodge. You might something closer to the city to make it easy for your guests to get there. A lodge a little further away is perfect for a smaller, more intimate wedding. Some lodges have lots of space that allow guests to board. Others may have limited accommodations. Keep this mind as you search for a place. Oak Lodge in Stahlstown, Pennsylvania is the perfect venue for those looking for a rustic lodge setting.

Pinning Down the Date

Once you’ve found the right lodge, think about your intended date. Keep to a range if possible so you can have some flexibility. May and June are popular months so you might need to plan at least six months in advance if this is the time you want. You should also think about the time of day you want. An early afternoon allows plenty of time for a longer reception and allows guests to get home that same night. A nighttime wedding is good if you and many guests will be at the lodge overnight.

Creating a Menu

A menu is an important part of any wedding. Many rustic lodges offer a preset menu with lots of country style choices. Think about using locally grown products such as corn and tomatoes to take full advantage of the location. Many lodges have farm products either right on the site or in locations nearby. A menu might consist of an appetizer, an entree such as locally caught poached salmon, and then a berry compote from area orchards for dessert.

Invitations and Decorations

Your invitations should include clear directions so people don’t get lost on their way there and make sure the time is printed accurately. Indicate if children are allowed in the wedding invitation. A rustic wedding allows you to use a rustic theme as decoration. For a spring wedding, bring in spring flowers. For a fall wedding, bring in colorful leaves and elegant tree branches.

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