The Dumbest Car Accessories In The World

By Adrianna | August 27, 2013

Driving down the road is a great way to see just how dumb car owners can be with their money. From the painfully cheesy to the just plain dumb, car owners often wear these wastes of money on their sleeves (or bumpers). Here’s our list of the worst offenders on the road.

Photo Credit: whizchickenonabun

fake sunroof

1. The fake sun roof. Who in the world thought of this and what island have they been banished to? Who exactly decided that it was more important to look like you have a sunroof than actually have a functioning sunroof? This is a standard feature on all kinds of low and mid-level cars and has been so for years. No one is going to be impressed and this thing couldn’t be more useless.

2. Fuel additives. Okay, so maybe it’s not visible while you’re on the road, but while you’re at your local auto care products store the people browsing this section likely need to have their head examined. If you buy good gas (check out there’s no need to pour this useless junk into your gas tank. Aside from fuel injector cleaner in certain circumstances, avoid this less you too wish to look a little foolish in the checkout line.

steering wheel cover

3. Steering wheel covers. If your steering wheel doesn’t have enough grip for you then I think your car may have bigger problems that won’t be corrected by putting a decorative cover on your steering wheel. If you’re doing this to accessorize just stop.

“I really like your steering wheel cover.” Said no one ever. Do you want to be that person?

If you’re one of those people that still has plastic on all of your furniture, I suppose we’ll let this slide as you apparently have no desire to actually make contact with the tactile items you’ve purchased throughout your life.

Those are currently the least favorite around the water cooler. What other atrocities have you seen attached to or dumped into an otherwise perfectly acceptable vehicle?

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