Aeroponics – Technology of the Future for Home Gardeners

By Marie | March 12, 2014

VeggiesAeroponics is a technology where the plants are grown in an environment with moist air without the use of soil. The aeroponics system is a closed system with holes provided at the top to insert the vegetative plants into. The seeds can be planted on a wired mesh placed on top of the holes. The mechanism can be controlled externally through computer or timers for releasing the moist mist at regular intervals. The plants can be vegetative parts or seedlings or seeds.

The vegetative parts will soon develop roots since the moist air provides the nutrients in them and there will be no deficiency for it. Once the roots develop they can be easily transplanted to wherever needed. The main advantage of aeroponics is that it facilitates faster plant growth and more number of plants or seeds can be grown in lesser time than under normal conditions.

Aeroponics is considered to be the future technology for home gardeners. The system is fully automated and there is less maintenance time given. This system works without the use of soil and using the same water makes this technology a better way of reuse and recycle. There is no risk of damping the root system and no hassle about removing the root system from soil for replanting.

While conventional farming will need frequent use of pesticides, weeding and other maintenance processes, aeroponics system will not need all those types of maintaining processes. The only thing that must be taken care of is that the water maintenance in the reservoir and keeping tab on the nutrient contents. The pests and other microorganisms reach the plant through the soil and in aeroponics there is no use of it, the pest attacks are a distant idea. This makes the non-usage of pesticides and other chemicals possible.

The nutrients are added into the water and when the moist is sprayed nutrients are with the mist and reach the plant roots. Unlike the conventional farming there will be no fight between the roots for nutrients. The main advantage of this technology is that it allows extensive vertical planting which no other planting system can allow. Since the plants are growing in a moist-air environment the plants can be grown as far above as possible and still have a steady and healthy plant growth.

Aeroponics can be sued for germination, seedling, and vegetative growth and even for harvesting. Thus a full plant cycle can be completed with the use for aeroponics. Vertical farming leads to more production per area and thus aeroponics can be the right technology for more yield from smaller area. Plant growth is faster and more yield is available in a year. This is more economical than any other planting systems.

Vertical aeroponics can be used for decorative purposes. Instead of using artifacts and other decorative items a huge wall at malls, offices and other buildings can have flowering and other aesthetic plants grown over the walls with aeroponics technology.

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