That Perfect Log Cabin…Or Trailer?

By Marie | July 19, 2012

log cabin picture

That little log cabin in the middle of the woods surrounded by flowers, trees, and wildlife is a dream for many people. There’s not a lot that sounds as relaxing as putting your feet up inside of a beautiful cedar structure at night while a fire crackles in your midst. While such a dream home often comes with a hefty price tag, those on a budget who desire nothing more than a beautiful log home to call their own have come up with some creative options: one is using cedar siding on a mobile home.

log trailer

There’s nothing quite like using cedar siding to create the appearance of an authentic, rustic log cabin on a manufactured trailer. The bonus is that if you get sick of your location, you can pack right up and bring your log cabin with you somewhere new. If you haven’t got your home yet, there’s no reason to worry – just design it and have it delivered in its entirety right to your ideal location. There’s absolutely no fuss. Having a home delivered and placed on some remote patch of land in the back of a trailer park is almost like building it from the ground up in the Appalachian Mountains…right? Once you get your foot in the door you might as well call yourself Abe Lincoln.

abe lincoln

If you’re dying to get that “rustic but not really rustic” look and convince your friends you have a home they’d die for, get to installing some cedar siding on your mobile home. With a little work, you could fool almost anyone. Don’t forget to decorate accordingly – that means yes, you do need to pick up that tacky little moose statue that’s on sale. Be sure to also grab that generic “Gone Fishin’” sign for the door.

What will they think of next?








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