The History Of Dickies Pants

By Marie | May 4, 2012

Dickies Logo Most famous for their Dickes pants, Dickies workwear is favored by laborers and style fanatics around the world. These garments can withstand the harshest type of environments and are preferred for their sturdiness and comfort. Functional and of high quality, Dickies are sold in huge volumes continuously.
The Beginnings of Dickies.

The company was created in a small town of Bryan, Texas in 1918 by C.N. Williamson. Four years later, his son joined the venture and became a permanent fixture in the decision making. The garments were of such high quality, during the World War II, the corporation was contracted to manufacture millions of uniforms for the soldiers of US Army. During the post war years, the company steadily grew at a slow pace. The explosion of sales started happening around 1950s, when the corporation was given the opportunity to expend into the European and Middle East regions of the globe. By the late 1980s another branch was established in United Kingdom, and it is still thriving today.

Recent Trends of Fashion.

Dickies garments have become so popular that they have captured the interest of the young generation. Skaters, roller bladders, motor cyclers and bikers have found the outfits irresistible. Several top celebrities have been endorsing the Dickies logo for decades. The designs have further evolved into expanded styles of pants, coveralls, shirts, hats and jackets. As an addition work boots and flame retardant clothing have been designed and sold at a great success. All of the items carry the distinctive symbol of Dickies and are recognized immediately. The name of the company coincides with the worldwide image of the quality and its superior status.

Sales approach. 

Dickies is mainly mass-producing large quantities of heavy duty garments for military, agriculture and oil industry. However, the style has become so popular within the past 20 years; the corporation has evolved into retail sales as well. Due to the high volume of sales, the prices are affordable and will meet any budget. The product range has been considerably expanded to meet the demands of the present market. The target demographics mostly include the young generation within several countries around the world. The main sales are acquired.

New styles.

As the demands of the market change, so do the styles, fashion approach, designs, and prices. More modern approach has been taken into consideration when creating new designs of Dickies clothing line. Present creations aim towards satisfying ever changing desires of consumer base for classic fashion without compromising the integrity of style and comfort. Dickies clothing has evolved from men’s clothing only to women’s and children’s designs as well. Colorful and appealing, these garments are now fashionable within all genders and ages.

The final thought. 

This amazing company will soon be approaching its 100 year anniversary. What started as an idea became a global success and has been promoted, and expanded into a billion dollar business. Dickies are now recognized as stylish street wear as well as work garments, which are still durable, and can withstand the wear and tear of any atmosphere. They were created with the high standards in mind, and they are still living up to them today. Rough and rugged, but fashionable and comfortable, those are the descriptions given by many satisfied customers.


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