Using Lavender to Ease Anxiety

By bsozak | December 22, 2015

lavender-candle-to-calm-anxiety-300x227Lavender has many uses that date back thousands of years. Lavender has been used as a beauty product, a scent for many perfumes, lotions, body washes, and more. It has also been used as a medicine and is still used in modern medicine today. The wonderfully-scented herbĀ is also used to treat anxiety and depression, as it has soothing qualities to it.

The simple smell of lavender has been proven to help ease restlessness, inosmnia, anxiety, and depression. With the method of aromatherapy, lavender can have impacting effects on the mind.

How? Lavender contains essential oils that have sedating effects on the mind, which allows the muscles in the body to relax. That is why aromatherapy using lavender essential oils also aids headaches. Headaches are often a result of neck pain, back pain, or muscle pain in general. Lavender helps relax the irritated muscles, therefore relieving your headache.

Anxiety and headaches are often associated with stress. Studies have also proven that the scent of lavender is also linked to deep sleep, meaning the more you are exposed the lavender (such as its scents or even consuming the herb as a flavor), the more likely you are to have deep sleep. Good sleep contributes to stress relief, therefore lavender does play a large role in making sure the body is well-rested and calm.

If you suffer from anxiety, there are several ways you can incorporate lavender into your lifestyle. Simply decorating your bedroom with lavender scents and flowers will help with aromatherapy when you sleep. You can also incorporate lavender into your diet. Lavender can be consumed in a vareity of beverages, sprinkled on top of lemonade or juices for example.

Additionally, if you enjoy the scent and therapeutic effects of lavender, you can also visit a lavender farm, like the one that sits on the property of George Washington Inn, a bed and breakfast located in Port Angeles, Washington. At lavender farms, not only can

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