Heating Options for Modern Cabins

By bsozak | October 26, 2015

cabins_beautiful_09As fall and winter are here, this means more time at the cabin when the weather is colder.  Whether you own are using it for deer hunting, bear hunting or just fall hiking, you want a nice warm cabin to come back to after a day in the woods or the trails.  If you have a cabin that has electricity you typically want to be smart about how you use your heaters.  Even if you are using your cabin recreationally a few times a month you don’t want to run up your electric bill as you use heat.  Additionally, if you are gone hunting all day and don’t have anyone to tend to your woodstove you still will want an additional heat source to keep your cabin safely warm, especially in the winter months.

One product that doesn’t take up a lot of room is the Amanti WM-1641 Vertical.  This is a vertical fireplace which is helpful in cabins with may be smaller and do not offer up a lot of wall space.  It is only 16” wide by 41” tall.  This fireplace uses an on demand heating and can heat up to 500 square feet.  This vertical electric fireplace also has low operating cost at a 100% efficiency rating.  This can obviously be a great economical option for keeping a smaller, modern cabin warm.

The Toyostove Laser 56/560 is another economical option for heating a small modern cabin.  This unit is highly efficient, with an 87% AFUE rating.  It is able to heat a moderately sized cabin at 920 square feet, meaning if you don’t have a wood stove or haven’t had time yet to cut wood this can be your main heating source!  The Toyostove Laser series is easy to install, with safe ventilation options that vents combustion gas to the outside.

Another option from Toyostove is the Oil Miser.  This is a very popular heating option for cabin owners that have electricity.  The Oil Miser is highly touted as one of the most economical heating solutions available, period.  Many Oil Miser owners save up to 70% a year using an Oil Miser over a standard electrical heating option.  This highly efficient heating source is perfect for cabin owners who don’t want a large yearly bill to heat their cabin during deer season.

There are many good options for those cabin owners that have the benefit of having electricity yet, don’t want to drastically increase their bill with a standard electric space heater.  Enjoy the fall and winter seasons in the outdoors and happy hunting!

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