Breathtaking Fall Drives in the Berkshires

By Marie | October 23, 2015

welcome_to_the_berkshires-resized-600The Berkshires is located in Massachusetts, a New England state with some of the prettiest fall foliage you’ll ever see. The best way to see fall foliage is to take a drive through the changing colors and beautifully vibrant sea of oranges, reds, and yellow. With November very close, it’s time to start planning that day trip through the trees if you haven’t already. Colors are at their peak this time of year, and there are plenty of routes throughout the Berkshires worth a drive.

There are many routes leading to and from the Berkshires that will take you through a sea of color. If you’re traveling from New York to the Berkshires, you might consider taking the Taconic Parkway, which is a back road that will give you the sense of driving through the country. There are also a variety of numbered routes that will wind and weave through the trees. Route 23 seems to get the full effect of fall foliage later in the year, but it’s likely that right now it’s just at its peak.

A few towns within the Berkshires, such as Richmond, Lenox, Washington, and Becket all encompass breathtaking views of the changing leaves. The road patterns are simple, so it’s hard to get lost. And if you ever do, people are friendly and will give direction. Take a drive through Lanesborough Mountain Road, which will give you some of the prettiest views. Be aware: this road is gravel and steep at times. Take the road to Route 8 to eventually follow the backside of Ceshire Reservoir.

For more scenic driving tours through the Berkshires with maps and information, the Berkshires has a few mapped out.

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