Heating Ideas for Your Rustic Cabin

By bsozak | September 1, 2015

800px-Rustic-country-cabin-snow-storm_-_Virginia_-_ForestWanderFall means hunting. And hunting means it is time to go to the cabin!  This is always an exciting time, whether you hunt bear, deer, or just partridge.  Fall also means the weather is changing and colder temperatures are on the way.  Many of hunters have cabins in very remote areas, with no electricity available.  This means the usual novelties of being at home and turning up the furnace aren’t at our fingertips.  Having a safe and reliable heating source for your cabin is important.  There are a few very good options available for those camps and cabins that are off the power grid.

Wood Stoves

Wood stoves are the most popular option for heating cabins.  Many folks rely on their stove and keep it stoked and burning the entire time they are on their hunting excursion.  Wood stoves can also be used in some instances for cooking.  They provide a reliable and relaxing way to heat your remote home away from home.  However, safety and smoke issues are always a concern with wood stoves.  Additionally you always must be prepared and keep your wood pile stocked and dry.

Oil Stoves

Oil stoves are a great method to hear small cabins with no electricity.  Oil stoves provide consistent warmth, without the pain of constantly cutting and stacking wood.  There are many options to choose from on the market, including the Drolet Grizzly Oil Stove.  The drawback to an oil stove is always making sure it is filled with a #1 or #2 fuel oil and maintaining your oil tank.  Fuel oil can be costly although recent it has come down in price.

Laser Oil Stoves/Wall Mounted Furnaces

Wall mounted oil furnaces provide comfort and heating economically, especially in instances where there are small areas to heat.  Laser Oil Stoves of today provide great efficiency too.  For instance, the Toyostove Laser 30/300 series stoves now come with the ability to regulate temperature settings throughout the week and day.  This is very helpful for those times late at night when the fire in the wood stove has gone out and you don’t want to get out of your warm bed to turn on the wall furnace! Set the temp to increase at 1 AM and you are set for a warm night’s sleep.

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