Frequently Asked Questions about Lake Wallenpaupack in Hawley, PA

By bsozak | December 21, 2016


Lake Wallenpaupack is a unique lake in the Poconos. This gorgeous lake is the center of tourism and recreation in the area and attracts thousands of visitors each year. There’s much more to lake than tourism though. The beautiful freshwater body of water has a rich history that so many people are curious to learn about. If you’re ever planning to visit, here are the most commonly asked questions about Lake Wallenpaupack.

1. Where is Lake Wallenpaupack?

The lake is located in northeastern Pennsylvania. To be more specific, it serves as part of the boundary between Pike county and Wayne County, and is in the heart of the Poconos mountains.

2. How big is Lake Wallenpaupack?
The lake runs about 13 miles long and is about a mile wide at it’s widest part. The average depth is about 30, and the lake boasts a total of 52 beautiful miles of shoreline. This makes it the third largest lake in the state.

3. Where can I stay during my trip to the lake?
There are many great options for lodging on and near Lake Wallenpaupack, and they suit all types of vacations. For romantic getaways, there are many bed and breakfasts on the highest peaks of the mountains that offer amazing views. There are also spas in the area that include all sorts of relaxing treatments. For family vacations, good options include cottages, hotels, or condos which are often closer to the shore of the lake. Silver Birches offers accommodations right on the lake. For more adventurous types, there are also plenty of campgrounds and water park resorts. There are great options for any type of vacation with big or small groups.

4. What fun things are there to do on the lake and in the area?
Lake Wallenpaupack obviously boasts tons of water activities, including boating, canoeing, kayaking, rafting, swimming, and much more. Rentals are available for almost all water activities! Some unique activities include going to a nearby water park or taking a boat tour of the lake. Visitors also love the other outdoor activities near the water and in the surrounding mountains. Some of the most popular ones include camping, biking, fishing, and hiking the many miles of pristine, undisturbed wilderness. The area also boasts plenty of restaurants for relaxing dining after activity-filled days.

5. What’s the best time of year to visit Lake Wallenpaupack?
There are fun activities and beauty to be seen all year at the lake. During winter, visitors enjoy snow activities, like snowboarding and sledding. During the warmer months getting in the water tends to be more popular. During spring and fall it is nice to come enjoy the nice weather and changing foliage. There is really no bad time of year to come to Lake Wallenpaupack, and it is never a boring trip.

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