Explore These Lavender Farms in Hood River, Oregon

By Marie | December 29, 2016

u-picking-lavender-604x402Lavender is a plant of many faces. It is a beautiful flower, a fragrant cooking spice, and the producer of a highly regarded holistic healing oil. Each summer, in and around the sleepy town of Hood River, Oregon, nestled beneath the majestic peaks of Mount Hood, the fields burst to life with the buzzing of bees and the brilliant colors of lavender blooms. Add some spice to your next Oregon vacation with a visit to some of Hood River’s renowned lavender farms.

1. Lavender Valley
Lavender Valley has been known as “Oregon’s Premiere Lavender farm” since its inception in 2001. Backed by a stunning view of Mount Hood, visitors can enjoy picnic areas, pick their own lavender bouquets, and purchase hand-crafted products made from lavender grown onsite.

Lavender Valley is located at 5965 Boneboro Road, Mt. Hood Parkdale, OR 97041.

2. Hood River Lavender Farms
Hood River Lavender Farms is home to over seventy different varieties of organically grown lavender. The volcanic soil in this valley is known for producing lavender of exceptional quality. With stunning views of both Mount Hood and Mount Adams, the Lavender Farms is a fantastic venue for weddings and other functions. Visitors can harvest lavender, purchase handmade items, or take home a lavender plant to enjoy in their own backyard. The Farms also hosts the annual Lavender Daze Festival in early July.

Hood River Lavender Farms is located at 3801 Straight Hill Road, Hood River, OR 97031.

3. Riversong Sanctuary
A “sister farm” to Lavender Valley, the Riversong Sanctuary can be described as an alternative health and holistic medicine service. The site features an organic farm, farm stand, medicinal herb exhibit, and essential oils blending bar. Visitors can bring their pets, pick bouquets, sample local honey, and have a picnic beneath the shady oak trees.

Riversong Sanctuary is located at 3226 Dee Highway, Hood River, OR 97031.

If you choose to explore Hood River, OR and all it has to offer, there are plenty of places to stay nearby, including:

Wherever your Mount Hood adventures take you, you will likely catch the scent of fresh lavender on the breeze. Each of the lavender farms of the Hood River valley is certain to delight young and old alike.

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