DIY Wood Slice Christmas Ornaments

By bsozak | November 14, 2014


vinyl-on-wood-ornamentsWith the Christmas season right around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about holiday cheer and how you plan to decorate your tree. Anyone who loves rustic décor is sure to try to incorporate some of that into their holiday decorations as well. These Christmas ornaments are the perfect way to combine wood and rustic looks with the holiday season.

The DIY project has just a few steps to complete these adorable ornaments. Craft stores have logs that you can purchase. Slice these into thin pieces; these will be your ornaments. You could also slice up other branches that you have at home if those are readily available. Other crafting stores also have pre-sliced wood that would also work out well for this project. Whatever type of wood is most convenient for you will work, just make sure that it is sliced fairly thin.

Once your wood is sliced, you can start decorating it. If you need some inspiration for your design, you can find some examples here. You can either draw on them with a pen or marker or transfer your design onto the wood. The steps to transfer your design onto the wood can be found here. To draw on the wood slices, I recommend using a small tipped marker, but that can vary depending on your design. You can incorporate color as well. When you are finished designing the ornament, cover the entire ornament with a thin layer of sealer. Let the sealer dry completely. This will protect your design.

In order to hang your ornament, we recommend using eye pins with twine or ribbon. The eye pins can be easily twisted into the top of the wood. Tie ribbon or twine into a loop in order to hang your ornament on the tree.

That’s it! This simple craft makes for excellent decorations that are unique and individual to you! Print any design you choose onto your ornaments to make them truly your own.

About the Author: Michelle is a guest contributor from Michigan Cedar Products, specializing in log and timber products, log cabin floor plans, and all things cedar.


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