On Yardwork and Crimson Tide Pride

By Marie | December 16, 2012

yard workIf there’s one phrase that echoes around my household every weekend, it’s “Roll Tide!” We’ve been watching Alabama football as a family for as long as I can remember and it’s a very big tradition for us. We’re eagerly waiting for the BCS Championship in January, but until then, I’ll proudly show off my gear whenever I can.

Since I’m in agriculture and do plenty of gardening an whatnot (including making the outside of the house look pretty and uncluttered), when I’m out working in the yard I always make a point to wear my Alabama gear. For one, I’m proud to show my team spirit. For two, we live in a pretty populated (and spirited) neighborhood so there are always people driving up and down the road. There’s nothing like hearing a honk or two followed by a “Roll Tide!” and a friendly wave.

If you were to drive by my house on a typical sunny day, you’d see me in my Alabama hat. My husband bought it for me for my birthday and it’s perfect. I’m not a fan of the mesh snapbacks (I may be a farmer, but I’m not a trucker). I also love my Alabama sweatpants! Sometimes I hate wearing them when I’m in the plants and mud, but that’s why I bought them in a darker color. Plus, a little dirt always washes out. I have other items such as t-shirts, watches, hoodies…the list goes on and on. I don’t wear all those items out to do yardwork of course…but I certainly wear them when I’m out and about! Even when I’m at the grocery store or out running errands I’ll get a “Roll Tide!” if I’m sporting my gear. It’s such a good feeling.

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