What’s in Your Water?

By bsozak | July 23, 2013

If you’re trying to take your body back to a natural, healthy state, you’re probably drinking a lot of water. Hydration is extremely important to physical and mental health, so it is certainly important to get enough of it. But if you’re drinking straight from the tap, you might be ingesting all sorts of chemicals without even realizing it. I just started using a water purification system on my drinking water, and here’s why.

1. There are more than two thousand contaminants that could be present in small amounts in your tap water. Some of these chemicals have even been linked to cancer.

2. Using purified water for cleaning helps prevent unwanted chemicals and microorganisms from infiltrating your home.

3. Drinking bottled water is expensive and terrible for the environment, and doesn’t always ensure that you’re getting the cleanest water possible.

4. Appliances that use water in your home such as your dishwasher, toilet, and shower, release chemicals like chlorine into the air. Using water purification prevents your indoor air from being contaminated.

5. You can protect your pets and children from harmful chemicals by cooking with purified water and giving them clean water to drink.

6. Water filters can reduce the risk of gastrointestinal disease by a third, according to one source. There are many waterborne illnesses that you can ward against by simply using a purification system.

7. Purified water tastes better! The purifier reduces the chloriney taste and smell that can sometimes be associated with tap water.

For more information on the potential dangers of water and the benefits of water purification, read more at www.epa.gov.┬áIf you’re interested in getting a water filtration system, check out www.servapure.com.

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