Top Crops in Oregon

By bsozak | April 7, 2016

WheatOregon is known for their unique state flag (they are the only state to have different designs on each side), food trucks, breweries, and their beautiful hiking trails. Oregon isn’t well-known for their agriculture, but they are more of a crop and livestock contributor than one would expect. Crops are responsible for nearly 70% of the state’s sales each year. Roughly a quarter of the state’s acres are dedicated to farms. Here are a few of the crops that are produced on those acres as well as in greenhouse:


Oregon leads the nation in hazelnut production. With hazelnuts being such a large economic factor, hazelnuts because their official state nut. Oregon is actually the only state that has an official state nut. Oregon is responsible for nearly 100% of the domestic hazelnuts in the states.


Potatoes are Oregon’s top vegetable crop. They produce a wide variety of potatoes. In 2011, Oregon potatoes yielded over $175 million for producers.


Oregon ranks second as a top producer of peppermint. They are proceeded by their neighbor, Washington. Similarly, spearmint is also a big crop for both Oregon and Washington.


Oregon is known for producing a variety of berries. Blackberries are their top berry production. Other popular berries include black raspberries, blueberries and strawberries.


Like I said before, Oregon is known for their breweries so it isn’t a surprise that that they are a top producer of wheat. Barley is another top crop for Oregon, which again is beneficial for the breweries. The breweries definitely can take advantage of the proximity and shopping local!


Grapes have become a popular crop in Oregon in recent years. They are commonly produced to make wine. Since the climate in Oregon resembles the climate in France, a lot of the wine produced in Oregon is similar to the wine created in France.


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