How To Stay Cool Without Over-Running Your AC

By bsozak | August 10, 2017

Over-running your air conditioner can create a whole mess of problems. The first problem is your increased energy bill. Constantly running your air conditioner every day at a low temperature can make your bill skyrocket compared to the cooler months. It’s also not good for the environment to use that much energy. This can also cause mechanical problems with your air conditioner. Air conditioners just aren’t built to run all day every day and last forever. You can decrease the amount of maintenance and not have to buy a replacement so soon by running it less often. We’re here to offer some ways to use your air conditioner less and still stay cool.

Listen to your body

In order to avoid heatstroke, listen to what your body needs. If you already have a health issue, you may want to take more breaks if you’re working in the heat. Avoid strenuous outdoor chores when the temperature is hotter than normal. Also, drink plenty of cold water and eat cold foods to keep your internal body temperature at a normal level. Wear more loose fitting and light colored clothing to stay cool.

Use a fan

Placing fans in each room of your house can help cool and circulate that cool air throughout your home. Fans also help at night when it still may be warm, but not warm enough to use the air conditioning. Keep a small hand fan in your pocket or purse for when you’re working outside or out and about. You can also keep a small fan in the kitchen to set on a table while you’re cooking or to set on a desk.

Open the windows

Opening the windows on breezy days will also help circulate air throughout the house. This can also help you get some fresh air and air out the dust in your home. In combination with fans, opening the windows can keep a home as cool as an air conditioner can if you’re trying to run your air conditioner less.

Maximize your air conditioner use

There are tricks out there that you can start doing to make your air conditioner not work so hard. Turn off the lights in your house when you aren’t using them and avoid placing lamps near your unit. This can cause the air conditioner to work harder since the lights make the air warmer. Also, you can close your blinds and curtains because this is letting light in and doing the same thing. Our last trick is to run the air conditioner at a higher heat. You can save more each month by running your air conditioner at 78 instead of 70.

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