The Value In Renovating A Church

By Adrianna | January 8, 2014

Church HDR

In this day and age of pinching pennies, cost savings have extended far beyond the home and into all aspects of our lives. The church is no different. However, when the collection plate gets passed around and rumors of renovation start making you second guess your offering, it may be worth reflecting on what value a church renovation or restoration can bring to you and your church community. With a bit of a longer view, you can certainly see how it makes sense.

Not just building, community building

Many modern church restorations aren’t designed simply to beautify or update old architecture, it’s to make more functional use of available space. Renovations that remove balconies and out of date straight pews are designed to change how worshipers interact.

Many modern renovations are designed to allow people in the community to face each other. Rounded pews or even full round seating let the minister engage an audience while the audience can also see the smiling faces of their neighbors. Setups like these can also move a choir into a more prominent space as opposed to being set way in the back.

A more intimate experience can not only increase retention, it can attract new members.

Think cost savings

Being green and efficient isn’t just for your home or office. Many churches are paying unnecessarily high utilities due to out of date construction. Paying for upgrades to modern lighting and insulation in many cases can quickly earn back the initial investment in cost savings. If less dollars are spent paying the bills at your church, think about what other good can be done with that money in the long haul.

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