Buying Land, Preserving the American Dream

By Marie | March 5, 2013

farmlandThe American dream was once based upon the honest and hardworking desires men had: to buy up a piece of land and make that land a haven for their family and a way of life. That theme has slowly fallen into the shadows as the middle class has drifted from agriculture and outdoor lifestyles to computer screens and wireless umbilical cords.

The farmer is a rare breed of man who has ridden the bony back of a hard market with patience for many years and once again they are finding that unbeknownst to the rest of society, while the fads of economic stocks throw curve balls, it’s the farmers and mountain men with land that remain on top. You see, despite the naturally harder life of agriculture labor,┬áthose investing in the agricultural industry have flourished while the recent economy has devastated many people’s investments.

If you can’t tell what this means for farmers and non-farmers alike here’s the low-down: buying land is still the best thing you can do to invest in America! As a matter of fact, it’s one of the only ways to keep your investments on solid ground (no pun intended). With the rest of the world going to paper assets and riding the roller coasters of economic turmoil, those smart enough to find and purchase land for sale are investing in something that will never lose value. Even if the dollar becomes worthless and interest rates go through the roof, land will never lose its value since God isn’t making any more of it.

For some, the idea of purchasing farmland seems more than daunting since it’s worth is partially based in the efficiency and productivity of that land. If you aren’t looking for farmland, but perhaps for some of the more rugged land like Wyoming, Idaho or Utah recreational property, you’re still looking at very worthwhile investments. These are investments that will never go away, places where the serenity of nature still thrives and those other desirable traits many people travel long distances to experience. With a little development you can even enjoy a rich passive income from a rental property. But most of all, know that whatever way you take it, owning a piece of land is owning a part of the American Dream that will never go away.

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