Buying A New Hedge Trimmer? Consider These Points.

By Marie | June 20, 2013

hedge trimmerIf you have a garden that is full of dense shrubbery, a quality hedge trimmer is a tool in which you will likely need to invest at some point, especially if you want to keep the growth under control. When looking for a trimmer, however, it is important to not just buy the first one you come across. This is because there are many points that you should first take into consideration to ensure you are making the right choice.  Otherwise you could be wasting your money.

How Comfortable is it to Use

Generally, you will be purchasing a hedge trimmer because you have shrubbery that cannot be dealt with using a manual hand trimmer. This means that you will be holding onto the machine for extended periods of time, so it is important that it is comfortable to hold and carry. If you are left handed, make sure that you will be able to use the machine with ease.

Sometimes, Less is More

After dealing with trimmers, you will likely come to the conclusion that, sometimes, less is definitely more. Whilst the engine or motor will make noise, it is possible to purchase a model that has reduced this as much as possible, which will help to save your hearing. It is also possible to purchase a model that has minimal vibration from the engine and cutting.

Cordless has its Advantages

In most home improvement stores you will still find a large number of options when it comes to corded trimmers—the kind that need to be plugged into a power outlet to be used. Most homeowners are finding that cordless models are much more appropriate, however, as you don’t have to worry about accidentally cutting through the cord or having the cord tangle around obstacles. This makes cordless models a much safer option in many ways.

Weight and Size

When we talk about the ‘average gardener’, we’re talking about someone who will look after their garden over the weekend. These sorts of people won’t be used to carrying heavy equipment around for long periods of time, so it is important that you look for a lightweight trimmer that won’t be straining to fall out of your hands all the time.

Speed of the Cutting Blade

At the end of the day, no one wants to spend hours in their backyard trying to cut back their shrubbery. This is why the speed of your chosen hedge trimmer is so important; some are able to cut at speeds of 2-to-3 feet per second, which means that you will be able to get through your chores relatively quickly, whereas others are much slower.

As you can see, there are many things that you should consider when thinking about purchasing hedge trimmers for your property. Think about the placement of the shrubbery around your home, the placement of power outlets (if you are choosing a corded model) and the amount of time that you will be carrying the trimmer around before making your decision. This will ensure that you make the right choice for your needs and are not disappointed.

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