Top 5 Essential Tools for Basic Lawncare

By alfred | March 12, 2013

LawnEvery lawn needs to be well taken care of to maintain its aesthetic look year-round. This typically involves fertilization, mowing the grass, and trimming edges. While there are myriad lawn and garden tools available, these 5 instruments are great for those just looking for the basics.

I. Lawn mowers

Most cities require home or property owners to keep their grass cut during warmer months, so a lawn mower is needed. Models are available in different sizes and styles, but the choice should depend on the size of your lawn, terrain, and budget. A push mower is less expensive and ideal for small lawns. A riding mower works best for large lawns with significant elevation variation. Today, the market also provides electric and gas powered mowers.

II. Rakes and blowers

These tools easily remove leaves and any debris, ensuring a clean-looking lawn. A rake is used to gather any grass clippings or fallen leaves and also can be used to spread fertilizer uniformly on the ground. A rake works well for smaller areas while a blower is ideal for big lawns. Usually, a blower is used to blow the leaves to a certain area to be picked up later.

III. Sprinklers

A lush, green lawn usually is preferred over a dead, brown one. Sprinklers often are needed to maintain hydration of the lawn in warm weather, especially in areas that do not receive a lot of rain. Watering should be done in the morning to keep the soil moist and avoid evaporation. Sprinklers can either be movable or positioned in a fixed location, as in underground sprinklers. A gauge can be used to keep track of the water level and avoid saturation.

IV. Edgers and trimmers

Edgers are used to manicure the borders of your lawn and separate the grass from other materials. Electric trimmers are used to ensure you have a good length of grass at the edge of the house. Trimmers also are used to get the desired grass length in areas lawn mowers cannot reach.

V. Spreaders

This is a tool that is used to evenly distribute fertilizers, herbicides and grass seeds on your lawn. The top of the tool is filled with the required substance for spreading. The most common models have wheels and a handle, which makes the job very easy.

Overall, these garden supplies are just the basics, but if you have them, your lawn will be looking great in no time!

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