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Managing your stress during the holidays

The holidays always seem to come with such high expectations because of the way they are portrayed in the media, the pressure to be overly joyful, the planning, shopping and so on. I mean it is supposed to be the most wonderful time of the year, right? The stress many people endure during the holidays […]

Things to do in Castle Crags State Park

Standing sentinel on the northwestern edge of Castle Crags State Park, the 6,000 feet tall granite spires commands the attention of park visitors. These huge formations are believed to be millions of years old. Together the monoliths look like a castle complete with spiral towers. They are part of the grandeur of this park, bringing […]

Things to Keep in Mind Before Buying a Fixer-Upper

If you are thinking of buying a fixer-upper, there are many factors that you should consider before purchasing. While you can save money and craft your dream home by rescuing a neglected beauty, unexpected costs can pile up quickly. With careful planning, budgeting, and inspecting, you can avoid falling into a money pit. Here are […]

ArcGIS Mapping For Business

ArcGIS is a mapping platform online that lets you make interactive and complete maps of a certain area. You are able to create a map that will show people where everything in your area is, and you can point out certain things that other people would skip over. The bottom line about these maps is […]

What Is A Rear Main Seal?

Some people never make an attempt to understand how their car works. Poker prodigy Stu Ungar reportedly bought a BMW with his World Series of Poker winnings and never once changed the oil. When the car ceased up, he had no idea why. For many car owners, learning about your car and how it works […]

The Value In Renovating A Church

In this day and age of pinching pennies, cost savings have extended far beyond the home and into all aspects of our lives. The church is no different. However, when the collection plate gets passed around and rumors of renovation start making you second guess your offering, it may be worth reflecting on what value […]

How To Maintain Your Car When You’re Under An Extended Warranty

Putting down the money on an extended car warranty can be a tough decision. First off, purchasing a car is a big expense, and then putting down the extra money on a warranty that you may never need is another shot to your pocket book. That said, the peace of mind should be worthwhile if […]

The Dumbest Car Accessories In The World

Driving down the road is a great way to see just how dumb car owners can be with their money. From the painfully cheesy to the just plain dumb, car owners often wear these wastes of money on their sleeves (or bumpers). Here’s our list of the worst offenders on the road. Photo Credit:¬†whizchickenonabun 1. […]

Why do people in jeeps wave at each other?

Attendant drivers likely notice that drivers of Jeep Wranglers tend to wave at each other when they pass. Not unlike motorcycle riders, Jeep Wrangler owners like to give a nod of respect to each other, but why? The history of the wave The actual facts behind the Jeep wave are muddy at best, but the […]

Conveyor Safety Over The Years

Conveyor systems are nothing new if you’ve ever been by any large industrial endeavor, be it mining or more general material handling. As OSHA safety standards have improved over the years, it’s interesting to see what safeguards were put in place, and what was deemed acceptable in the workplace from then to now. So we […]

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