5 Red Roses for Your Garden

By bsozak | October 4, 2012

Red RosesRed roses are the color for romantic love, often used for Valentines Day or to show passion or love towards a person who is special to you. Red itself is a powerful, vibrant color that elicits intense emotions such as passion and excitement.

Red roses come in many different shades and styles that can complement each other in either a bouquet or your garden. We’ve picked 5 of our favorites to share with you.

1. F.J. Grootendorst

F.J. Grootendorst is a hybrid red rose that is easy to grow in many regions, as it does not require as much sunlight as other roses. These roses usually grow in clusters of two, and the petals are bright red. The leaves are often small. They usually grow to be about five to six feet in length, and are good for zones 5-9.

2. Mr. Lincoln Hybrid Tea Roses

Hybrid tea roses are a cross between tea roses and hybrid roses. They usually have long stems and a nice fragrance to go with their blossoms. They usually grow about four to five feet tall and can grow up to two feet across. The large blossoms on Mr. Lincoln tea roses usually bloom in doubles.

3. Danny Boy

Danny Boy a small shrub rose with semi-double blooms that can become fairly wide. Shrub roses are good for screens, hedges, and mass plantings.

4. Crimson Pillar

Crimson Pillar roses are a climbing rose. They are originally from France, but do well in several different types of climates. They, like most climbing roses, usually bloom both in the late spring and in the fall. The leaves are a dark, olive green.

5. Prairie Valor

The Prairie Valor rose is a cross between a hardy rose and a hybrid tea rose. Prairie Valor roses are disease resistant and can survive harsh winters without being covered. They usually have a bushier appearance and grow to a height of about three and a half feet. They are more fragrant than most other roses, with large double blooms and darker green leaves. On the reverse side of the petals is usually some silver.


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