Gardening With Mom

By Marie | July 24, 2012

If you’re mother’s birthday falls in the summer, you may not have a good idea of what to get for her special day. Some mothers just want some simple gift cards to their favorite shopping stores, but if your mother is like mine, flowers and gardening supplies are always a good go-to. Here are a few simple gardening ideas to help you plan out Mother’s Day.

Flowers for many are like designing a living room. Some flowers go well or do not go well with other plants, flowers and landscapes. It’s always best to try and flag down a sales representative of the flower shop you go to. If you take a few pictures of your garden or yard, you can get their opinion of what might look well in the area. Also, let them know how much sunlight the garden gets, as that will be a major factor of the kinds of flowers you can grow in the area.

If your mom likes to grow her own fruits or vegetables in her garden, try to figure out what she wants before going to the store.  Many plants are quite simple to grow like green beans or zucchini, however tomatoes require a lot more care and nurturing, and have a very short window where they are good to eat.

After you know the plants you want to get, make sure you have all the proper gardening supplies to carry out the job. This would include hoses, shovels, rakes and pesticides. Because we always try to be green and throw out environmental consulting advice everywhere we can, we would recommend checking to make sure any pesticides you use will not be harmful to the environment. Ask a sales representative for their opinion on the best pesticides to use for your gardens. This is especially important if you plan on using pesticides on your fruits or vegetables.

Spend some time and help your mom plant any flowers you bought for her. She may be picky about where everything goes in her garden, so don’t start digging without asking her where things should go. Once again, some flowers need more or less light than others, so always keep that in mind before digging. Also, if you are planning on digging deeper holes to plant shrubs or trees, make sure you know where pipes or cables run so you don’t damage anything. If your holes are deep enough, you may want to consider investing in some trench shields to prevent the sides of the walls from collapsing, ruining all the hard work you put into digging the hole.

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