Christmas List 2013: Ride-On Mower Accessories

By Leland | December 10, 2013

What Sorts Of Ride On Mower Accessories Are Available?

One thing that many people fail to think about is ride on mower accessories that they could use to make their machine even more useful. It seems that they are content to just use the mower for its standard purpose and aren’t too concerned with how else they could benefit. If you are, however, here are some of the accessories that you might be interested in.

  • Brushes
    Rotating brushes can be attached to your mower, angled to either side, to help you sweep up leaves, snow and other debris. They feature adjustable support wheels so that you can alter the height and are designed for either 100cm or 120cm working widths.
  • Flails
    Professional riders are really the only ones who use flail mowers; they are designed for rough areas with overgrown grass and low brushwood. It will allow you to cut right through this debris without damaging your cutting deck and can also be equipped with a lawn rake roller.
  • Trailers
    There is a variety of trailer sizes available, allowing you to tow whatever you would like. They are crafted out of steel so that they represent the ultimate in ruggedness and many feature a fold down tailgate for added loading and unloading convenience.
  • Spreaders
    These can be used for spreading fertiliser and seeds throughout your garden, as well as getting ice to melt during the winter. They offer a width of 120-240cm and a capacity of 30kg. The flow is easily adjustable, making it perfect for smaller areas, too.
  • Sweeper
    Also known as a collector, these accessories are very efficient for the collection of clippings. They feature adjustable height settings so that the grass can be collected as you go, they can be emptied from the driver’s seat and they have a working width of 96cm.
  • Aerator
    Another item that is used by professional riders, aerators attach to the back of your ride on mower. The hollow tines are independent of each other, allowing you to make sharp turns without damaging the grass. It has a productivity of 2.9 acres per hour.
  • Chargers
    These can be used to charge any 12 volt lead-acid battery and is perfect for seasonal machines. They are fully automatic for optimal charging and will maximise the battery life and performance. They are also water resistant in both rainy and snowy conditions.

If you are interested in making the most of your machine, you should invest in any of the ride on mower accessories outlined above. Just be sure to assess the area that you live in to determine which will be best suited to your property and your needs. Don’t buy a spreader to melt ice, for example, if you live in an area that doesn’t experience severe frost!

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